Thursday, February 14, 2013

Go, Go Speedracer

Women Race Car Drivers
NASCAR has allowed female drivers since its start in 1949 and several women raced that first year -  Sara Christian, raced in the inaugural NASCAR race but was unable to complete the race. 

After 1949 female racers were pretty much nonexistent until 1976, when Janet Guthrie participated in the 1976 World 600finishing 15th -placing ahead of Dale Earnhardt

In 1988, Shawna Robinson became the first woman to win a NASCAR Touring Series event and in 2003 she would also use the first all-female pit crew for a race at Texas Motor Speedway.

In 2004, The Drive for Diversity program was founded by NASCAR and female and minority drivers became more prevalent.

NO Woman has ever won the Indy 500 but five women have competed - Janet Guthrie (1977-79), Lyn St. James (1992-97, 2000), Sarah Fisher (2000-04, 2007), Danica Patrick (2005-07) and Milka Duno (2007).
   One Day it Will Happen!

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